Whats new in LiMP Ver 2.5:

>>Kernel updated to

>>Alsa updated to 1.0.14rc3

>>Idesk a desktop program added

>> Mplayer, conky, openbox updated

>>Xdialog added, now even easier interface

>>LiMP includes compressed cache to give better performance (http://linuxcompressed.sourceforge.net/ )

Version 2.4 of LiMP:

<> >>Kernel updated to 

 >>Alsa updated to  1.0.13

>>Mplayer, XINE, XMMS updated to CVS.  

>>New function AUTOPLAY_CD=yes, will play media files from the boot CD/DVD.

>>Sensors Support added to display Motherboard sensors .

Version 2.3 of LiMP:

 >>XINE software added to view DVD and VCD  videos.

>>Now LiMP functions as a MP3 streaming server.

  >>Kernel updated to 2.6.16_18.

  >>XMMS and MPLAYER,  updated to CVS.

  >>XMMS normalize plugin added.

  >>XFree86 updated to support various latest chips.