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Install, or use straight from the CD?

LiMP can either be installed onto your hard drive or used straight from the CD, with advantages for each. You will however have noticed that more than one file of the current limp version was available for downloading on the sourceforge website. Although both contain the same files, as stated above, they vary in purpose:





Using Limp straight from the CD

Very easy to use


Installing LiMP onto your computer

More difficult to install, but means CD does not have to be retained for whenever individual wishes to use LiMP. Allows easier modification of settings to suit the user.

Normal users are recommended to boot straight from CD, and should download the .iso file from the website and use their chosen CD-writing software to burn it to disk, as installation is generally for more advanced users.

Users in particular who would wish to add extra codecs, view subtitles in other languages regularly and change the default language from English for convenience, or otherwise modify LiMP to meet their needs, may also want to look at “Optomizing LiMP”, as well as the “Installation” section.

I downloaded the wrong type!”

>> IF you downloaded the .tar file but instead wish to use LiMP straight from the CD, you can:

- write the files to CD, but select the “make CD bootable” option (or equivalent) if your CD-writing software is proficient enough to do so and you are familiar with making bootable CDs

- or, (probably the better option): download the .iso file instead.

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