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Optimizing LiMP

As this will involve some configuration of files, users will either need to install LiMP in order to make the necessary changes to the files, or if they wish to use LiMP from CD, be able to make a bootable .iso themselves with their own modified version of LiMP. Frequent references are made to various files and folders within the “Limp-xyz” folder you unzipped; further information on which is available in the “Directory infosection.

As mentioned earlier, LiMP is licensed under the General Public Licence, which allows you, the user, to modify this program freely as you so wish, providing that you also impose this condition upon any whom you distribute LiMP to (either in a modified or unchanged state) and also use the GPL on any software you have created which uses any of the code or components of LiMP. Linux Multimedia Player must not be sold in order to make profit from it as software. This is in order that as a piece of software licensed under the GPL, all should have free access to its benefits, just as you, the user, were able to freely download it yourself. Welcome to the Open-source revolution.

Some common predilections...

I need to view subtitles in other languages”

Download your preferred language font from www.mplayerhq.hu,and extract and copy it to the “\limp\font” directory. Alternatively, if “arialuni.ttf” (which supports Cyrillic, Hebrew, etc) is available, copy it to the “\limp\font” folder and rename it to “subfont.ttf”

I want to change the default XMMS skin to my favorite”

Open the /limp/xmms/skins folder (see Directory info for further details). To have your favorite xmms skin loaded automatically, add “default” as the starting name to the preferred skin file. Ensure that there are no two files starting with default.

I'd like to be able to set up my network”

The \boot\grub\menu.lst file will need to be modified. It will look something like the below example (please note the text highlighted in blue is one single continuous line and not two separate lines). Just change the ip, dns, gateway and hostname in accordance with your computer.

title Limp_with_network on (hd0,0)

kernel (hd0,0)/limp/mpl_ker root=/dev/ram0 rw gateway= ip= dns= hostname=limp_pc vga=791 splash=silent

initrd (hd0,0)/limp/limp.img

I want to change the default CD/DVD drive so I don't have to change it each time I start LiMP”

In the aforesaid “\grub\menu.lst” file, the options will need to be added to the same line as the ip, dns, gateway and hostname. The examples below are highlighted in pink. “scd0” is your first DVD/CD drive, “scd1” your second, “scd2” your third (if applicable), etc. Please change this to whichever drive you would prefer to have LiMP read DVDs / CDs from.

title Limp_with_network on (hd0,0)

kernel (hd0,0)/limp/mpl_ker root=/dev/ram0 rw gateway= ip= dns= hostname=limp_pc vga=791 splash=silent CDROM=scd1 DVD=scd2

initrd (hd0,0)/limp/limp.img

For those with only one drive this option need not be set.

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