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Download the latest version of LiMP online from sourceforge

Linux Multimedia Player

LiMP is a completely free, rapid, highly-compact version of Linux that can transform your computer into a dedicated multimedia player: capable of visualizing zone encrypted DVDs, playing a wide range of music and movie files, streaming mp3 music files across networks and more. By optimizing linux purely for the purpose of multimedia playing, fast load up times and excellent results are produced even on older computers.

LiMP works by loading itself into your RAM when you switch on your PC or laptop. The CD is then ejected, leaving your CD/DVD player available for use. It has been created for use on all computers for those of all computer abilities: LiMP can autodetect your sound video and network cards, hard-disks and USB storage devices, and has a friendly menu-driven interface. As well as running from the CD, it can be easily integrated into your linux partition and selected from the grub menu at boot time.

Multimedia playback is provided by MPlayer and XMMS, two of the most popular sound and video tools, providing ease of use and familiarity.


*Please note: the Linux DVD-playback method (libdvdcss) is based upon a certain computer algorithm that is a legal gray area in some countries (esp. USA, under the DMCA). Although its legality has never been contested in court, please be aware of its status.

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