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To receive further support on using or installing LiMP, please contact LiMP's friendly creator with the email address below.

If you have feedback or suggestions, or if in any way you feel that you could help the LiMP project whether in graphic design, programming or other skills, your assistance in any capacity would be invaluable.

#Name                : V. Krishna Karthik.

#Email address:


#The LiMP project can be found at:


...please check for new versions, as LiMP is updated at regular intervals!

#Reference on the Mplayer web site:

This project is also recognized and listed in the Mplayer web site under the heading “CD Based Distributions” http://www4.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design4/projects.html

#To download new versions of LiMP:



#To update to a new version (if you have installed LiMP):

Just replace the old “limp” folder with the new “limp” folder. Also, modify the menu.lst or grub.conf with the given menu.lst file, as new options may be available for enhancement.

That's ALL!

#A word about codecs:

The codecs included support wma, wmv, QT, mov, divx (its variants like xvid, etc), mpeg1, mpeg2, mp3, ogg, realvideo, realaudio, AC3.

In case of any error such as “codec not available”, extra codecs can be downloaded from http://www2.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design7/codecs.html and uncompress the files and copy the files to “\limp\codecs”.

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