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Starting LiMP

To use LiMP straight from the CD, insert it when you've first switched on your computer. Alternatively, if you have installed LiMP, select it from the GRUB menu at boot time.

Using LiMP

Once LiMP has finished loading, right click on the Desktop to get the “LiMP Menu”. From this you'll be able to select to mount DVDs, play music files or games, and utilize LiMP's facilities. The options are intuitive and easy to navigate.

A green colored screen will also appear when LiMP starts, informing you of your options while in LiMP. This particular readme, and other useful information, can be opened again once closed by right clicking and opening the LiMP menu, then going to “Help”, and selecting whichever help screen is appropriate. A slideshow of all the help screens can also be chosen.

Some handy keyboard shortcuts

During fullscreen playback of video, due to a faulty CD /DVD or improper encoding, if the video crashes, you can use “ALT-TAB” to cycle through the windows and select “CONSOLE”. Then press ”ALT-F4” to close the “CONSOLE”. This will close the applications and the crashed movie.

I'd like to be able to set up my network”

To set up networking, in the LiMP menu select Network Setup and enter the appropriate details. Please note: these settings will be stored only for this session. To configure the network permanently, please see the “Optomizing LiMP” section.

I have more than one CD/DVD drive”

...and would like to change which drive LiMP reads DVDs/ VCDs. In the LiMP menu, go to “CDROM utils” and click “Change/reset CDROM device path from /dev/scd0” or “Change/reset DVD device path from /dev/scd0”.

scd0” is your first drive, “scd1” your second, “scd2” your third, etc. if you have more drives: change the setting appropriately to the right one. Now, when “Play Video CD” or “Play DVD” is chosen, the VCD/DVD will be played from the correct drive. For those who have only one drive this option need not be set.

[This option can also be set from the kernel boot line: type e.g. DVD=scd2 after the boot prompt]

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